PokerStars Bonus Code

Does pokerstars need to be introduced?

Pokerstars pro Of course not everyone knows about pokerstars, or about online poker for that matter. First this is still a relatively new phenomenon around 10 years old. Secondly it is happening on the Internet and not everyone uses the Web. Some people do not have electricity so of course no Internet in the poorest remote areas of the world. Or there are people who could access the Web, but have other interest in life than online gambling.

Nevertheless the young generations in developed countries are well aware of the Internet boom with all the new applications that came in recent history, including online gaming, online gambling, multi-player applications, improved connectivity, social games, etc. The face of gaming has literally changed in a few years and nowadays players from every location in the world can play together when meeting at a poker table at an online poker room such as pokerstars.

Such online poker rooms are still receiving a large traffic growth year after year, despite already having millions of regular players and despite anti-gambling laws in some countries such as the United States. But large markets are totally untapped like China and India. So growth for online gambling and online poker is expected to continue in the foreseeable future, even though the road might be bumpy.

What is the PokerStars Bonus Code?

So what is the story with these bonus codes? Basically this is common practice with Internet products to use bonus codes, also called marketing codes or coupon codes. These are codes that must be keyed in when making a purchase or signing up at an online gaming website. Using such codes provides special benefits, like discounts or cash back. With respect to the PokerStars Bonus Code, using it will entitle you to a special 100% match up bonus when you register, up to the maximum allowed of 600 dollars (this is 500 euros in France and 400 euros in Italy). Note that when you create your account, you use a so-called code marketing pokerstars 2014, not a bonus code.

Pokerstars is the leader of online poker. Regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, they are the world number one poker room, and by a large margin (being at least 3 times as big as number 2). They also have the best reputation in the business when it comes to safefy, privacy and behaving in the fairest way for the players.

Like in most cases with Web transactions, it is better to use a stars bonus code than not to use one. But bonus code or not, as the number one online poker room it is nearly guaranteed that you will have a great time playing poker at PokerStars. This is the place with the most game selection, choice of poker variations, buy in stakes (from micro-limit to ultra high stakes), with plenty of tournaments and sit and go's running all the time. So if you like online poker, give it a shot. If you are not sure, it does not hurt to have a look.

Black Friday

How did Black Friday affect pokerstars? They are not offering real money games in the USA anymore, but otherwise they are doing very well in the rest of the world. In fact they are still number one globally and dominate many local markets like France or Great Britain. A few years after Black Friday online poker is still not legal in the US, but it is in New Jersey (including Atlantic City), in Nevada (including Las Vegas) and in a few other States. The tide has changed and it should not be too look when it is allowed again all over the country.